Opochtli #7 – Huitzilopochtli, DACA needs permanent Solution, & DREAMER Rodrigo Moreno wins big at Grammys


Episode #7
Back to our Roots: Huitzilopochtli Huītzilōpōchtli 
Armando Reyes Zapata: Daca Needs Permanent Solution
Georgia Rules Against Daca students
Dreamers win Big at Grammys – Rodrigo Moreno
Amid Trump’s border showdown, UC immigration lawyer comforts and fights
Mexico violence: With only one gun shop, why all the muders?
Asylum seekers say they fear return to Mexico under new US policy
For one immigrant who returned to Mexico, a long road to opportunity
Lopez Obrador signs vow he won’t seek second term
Mexico cancels power auctions, to implement decentralized system instead: official
Mexico’s ‘Green Gold’: The company powering cars with cactus juice
Widow of murdered Mexico journalist was surveillance target days after death

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